Weighted Equipment (Vests, Blankets, Lap Pads)

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VandenBerg, N.L. (2001). The use of a weighted vest to increase on-task behavior in children with attention difficulties. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 55, 621-628.

Participants: Four students with documented attention difficulties and hyperactivity.

Method: A stopwatch was used to measure on-task behavior during fine motor activities in the classroom. Data was tracked during six 15-minute sessions without a vest and six 15-minute sessions while wearing a weighted vest for each student.

Results: While wearing the weighted vests, the on-task behavior of the students improved by 18% to 25%.

Olson, L.J., & Moulton, H.J., (2004b) Use of weighted vests in pediatric occupational therapy practice. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics, 24, 45-60.

Champagne, T., Mullen B., Dickson, D. (2007). Exploring the safety and effectiveness of the use of weighted blankets with adult populations. American Occupational Therapy Association’s Annual Conference Presentation.

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