Useful Links


General Resources

This is the official website for Raising a Sensory Smart Child.

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation conducts research and provides education and advocacy.

HenryOT’s website has great products including the Tools handbooks (Tools for Tots, Tools for Teachers, Tools for Teens, and more!) and much more.

This site has lots of great information for therapists, parents, and teachers and also an extensive list of relevant research article.

TherapyWorks helps kids from preschool to age 12 with regulation problems through their Alert program based on the book How Does Your Engine Run? This is a good resource to assist kids with self-regulation.

This is another great site for information and research.

Equipment Sources

Go to this site to request a catalog or to shop online. They have a great selection of toys, equipment, and resources for addressing SPD and creating sensory diets.

Pocket Full of Therapy is a unique therapeutic toys and equipment for sensory diets.

Find seamless socks and more!

Flag House has a little bit of everything therapeutic here.

This site has a great selection of toys and equipment for use in sensory diets.

This site has a nice selection of reasonably priced therapy products and toys for kids with special needs.

This site has cute, one-of-a-kind sensory products and lots of great information.