Per user request, we are proud to release BrainWorks-Your-Way! This is our all-new, fully customizable version of our activity cards.

BrainWorks-Your-Way activity cards have a simple black border and no colored arrows in the corners. Here are a few ways our beta-tester used the cards:










ABOVE:  Candace Shetzler, MS, OTR/L , owner of A Child’s Potential (, used the BrainWorks-Your-Way activity cards to supplement the Alert Program the student was already using. Candace added the arrows to match the colors used in this system.

BELOW: Candace used the activity cards to create this file folder to support the Zones of Regulation program already being used in this school.



















BELOW: I used the BrainWorks-Your-Way to create the system below for a little boy who did better with words to identify his sensory state rather than the original BrainWorks arrow system. To create this tri-fold choice board, I simply taped together two file folders. I allowed the child to pick the colors that represented each sensory speed. I then used a marker to outline the border of each card so he could see where to return the cards when done with his sensory activities.









HOW DO I ACCESS BRAINWORKS-YOUR-WAY? All current members can access BrainWorks-Your-Way through the existing “Select and Print” area.  The last option in the “Select Activity Type” drop-down menu will take you to the BrainWorks-Your-Way cards.

Please email with any questions.