Single Family/Single Classroom Kit PLUS Lifetime Digital Access

Single Family / Single Classroom Kit (click to enlarge)

Price: $59.95

What’s Included with a Physical Kit

  • BrainWorks File Folder Sensory Diet Tool with Manipulative Spinner to teach self-modulation
  • Entire set of the original BrainWorks activity cards printed on durable perforated cardstock
  • Velcro dots to complete file folder assembly
  • Key-ring to create a key-ring sensory diet tool
  • Userʼs Guide

Lifetime Digital Access

  • Instant access to BrainWorks to begin printing activity cards for immediate use
  • Digital Userʼs Guide to help you understand how to use BrainWorks effectively
  • Helpful printable forms for parents and teachers
  • Detailed instructions on how to make a variety of visual sensory diet tools
  • Special “Members-Only” prices on physical products
  • Extensive research database on the use of sensory strategies
  • Full support included!

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