Tai Chi for Children



Product Description

Tai Chi for Children is a delightfully illustrated book for children, teens,  or adults with intellectual and physical challenges. It features adapted Tai Chi Fundamentals® and ROM Dance® elements. Developed by Nancy H. Lindgren PT, DPT, PCS C/NDT, a pediatric clinical specialist and certified Tai Chi Fundamentals® Instructor with over 34 years of experience working with children, babies, and adults, this storybook for anyone who wants to learn more about Tai Chi or may want to inspire a child to try this form of physical activity.

It includes:

  • History of Tai Chi and basic principles
  • Descriptions and illustrations of adapted Tai Chi Fundamentals® Program Movement Patterns
  • ROM Dance® verse and movements performed by a child
  • Key components and benefits, verbal cues for very young children and for seated adaptations
  • Mindful movement concepts integrated with body strengthening and muscular endurance
  • Guidelines for Physical Therapy Practitioners and teachers

This book assumes that one has access to the video clips (also available through SensationalBrain.com), the DVD, or has taken a TCF class. Start your students’ journey with mindful movement today!

This is an electronic book. Following payment, you will receive a link to download
the book.

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