Part 1: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions


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Part 1: Breakthrough Parenting Solutions Series: Understanding the Nature of the Distracted, Disorganized, or Chaotic Child

The frustration is real—for both of you! You know your child is bright and capable, and yet he or she struggles daily with organizing items, space, and emotions. Have you ever questioned how some children just seem to “get it,” and then some struggle with some of the most basic tasks, such as remembering chores or studying for tests? This 90-minute class offers not only an overview of what underlies these challenges, but also provides immediate tools for shifting perspectives from frustration to instruction. In the first course of the series, we will:

  1. Learn about executive functioning skills: the skills that get us through the day, and how they impact every area of life.
  2. Identify which children are at risk in this area and why.
  3. Provide tips for telling the difference between “won’t” vs. “can’t“ behaviors.
  4. Examine the roles of opposition, defiance, motivation, and overwhelm.
  5. Discover simple tools for identifying why your child struggles with organizing emotions as well as time and belongings.

Target Audience: parents

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers and other professionals are welcome to attend; however, there are no AOTA-approved continuing education credits for this series.

Course Instructor:  Lori Benson Adams, MEd, is an educational intervention specialist and owner of Breakthrough Learning Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 35 years of experience with students experiencing sensory, learning, behavioral, and executive function challenges, Lori presents nationally to audiences of parents, therapists, and educators. She is known for her immediately practical information and wealth of knowledge and resources. Additional information can be found at

The speaker receives payment for each webinar purchased but does not have any other financial or nonfinancial interest in the presentation.

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