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I love the BrainWorks sensory diet picture cards. In addition to using the picture cards for our 3 year old to form his daily schedule, I have been using them to develop more language using verbs and action words. These are great for extending his expressive communication and language. I love the website—lots of great information!
—Donna, parent of a sensational kid

I attended your conference in April, and became a member of SB that evening! I am printing many of your materials, and have found your information so helpful for parents and teachers. It is so practical, and gets right to the point. I don’t have time to research and find all the strategies I need to try with kids in my school-based practice, so I greatly appreciate that you have already paved the way, and present it in such easy to get your hands on way! I also appreciate the information and resources under your Research area. It is nice to have that available when needed. I am using your information on data collection and sensory strategies to promote starting a Sensory Room at one of my schools. The principal was the one who initiated the idea, and one of my teachers is talking it up, using the information I provided her from Sensational Brain. I was so thankful to have it to give to her, so I “thank you” once again. Your conference was fabulous, and I look forward to more new information and useable forms on your website. Keep up the great work!!!
—Patty Soldner, OTR/L

The BrainWorks sensory diet I made has been quite effective with a new student who has autism. He has limited verbal expression so the pictures offer more avenues toward the “total communication” we strive for at St. Mary’s School for the Deaf. Thank you for the valuable sensory tools to help children with special sensory needs.
—Diane Rahn, OTR

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