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Single Family / Single Classroom Kit (click to enlarge)

Single Family/Single Classroom Printed Kit

Discount Price: $24.95 

COMPLETE PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED KIT – perfect for a family or single classroom! 

Kit includes: one BrainWorks file foler with manipulative teaching tachometer, one key ring, one complete set of 1.5″ BrainWorks picture cards printed on durable cardstock, extensive user’s manual, and velcro dots to finish the file folder sensory diet tool. Simple assembly required.


Therapist Printed Kit (click to enlarge)

Therapist Printed Kit

Discount Price: $74.95

You will receive instant access to ALL material for training AND printing all the material you need to get started today PLUS a COMPLETE PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED KIT!

The Therapist Kit includes TEN BrainWorks file folders with manipulative teaching tachometers, TEN keyrings, ONE complete set of BrainWorks 1.5″ picture cards printed on durable cardstock to be used as master copies to make unlimited sensory diet tools, ONE complete set of 6 colorful strategy guides on cardstock to copy and give to parents and teachers, and extensive user’s manual.

Assembled Brainworks File Folder (click to enlarge)

Brainworks File Folder with Spinner

Discount Price: $5.00 Each

High quality and durable printed Brainworks file folders with the spinner!  These work great when combined with our Brainworks software to print a custom activity set for the child.