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Five BrainWorks Online Membership Options

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BrainWorks Membership WITHOUT Physical Products

Option 1: BrainWorks Online Lifetime Digital Access: $45  More Information
Option 2: School Districts, Therapy Groups, or Other Facilities:
Multi-User Access to BrainWorks Online for School Districts or Facilities: $189.95 and up
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BrainWorks Membership PLUS Physical Products

Option 3: Single Family/Single Classroom:
Printed Kit PLUS Lifetime Digital Access: $59.95 More Information
Option 4: Single Therapist:Printed Kit PLUS Lifetime Digital Access: $99.95 
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Option 5: Purchase either one or both of Gwen’s 6-hour webinars and get a free membership and/or a free Single Family/Classroom kit. Check for details here:

Developing Effective Sensory Diets
Sensory and Behavior: A comprehensive approach for addressing challenging behaviors

 Not in the USA? Only membership options 1 and 2 are available for non-USA buyers. After non-USA buyers join, they can purchase physical products separately. This is simply an issue with the payment processor that handles memberships. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience!

Tax exempt? If you have tax exempt status, please send a check or purchase order for your membership (tax exempt payments cannot be made online). Mail your check or purchase order with a copy of your tax exempt certificate to:

Sensational Brain LLC
3929 Broken Ridge
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How do I use BrainWorks Sensory Diet Tools?

 Who should join

  • Professionals (occupational/physical/speech therapists, medical professionals, counselors, and teachers) who serve children and adults with sensory needs.
  • Individuals and families of people with sensory needs.

What is included?

  • Access to BrainWorks is our web-based product that allows you to print out visual sensory diet tools, helpful forms, and activity picture cards. Click here for more information about BrainWorks.
  • News updates are sent to your email account highlighting new research and helpful strategies to get the most out of your sensational brain!
  • Research related to sensory processing and the use of sensory strategies is provided. We take the time to look for research coming out of multiple disciplines and summarize the best and most relevant to save you time.
  • Online questions and answers are moderated by Gwen Wild, the creator of BrainWorks. Gwen is an experienced occupational therapist certified in sensory integration and a nationwide speaker on the topic of creating effective sensory diets. Gwen is also the parent of a sensational kid!
  • Forms and templates are available for use by professionals, parents, and individuals with sensory needs. Forms include sensory checklists to determine an individual’s sensory needs, accommodation checklists, information packets to give teachers, and much more. Also included are templates for data tracking to determine effectiveness of sensory strategies and templates for creating a variety of visual sensory diet tools.