What Is BrainWorks?

BrainWorks is an exciting new online tool for creating effective sensory diets for children, teens, and adults that takes pride in being USER-FRIENDLY, from start (selecting what you need) to finish (empowering the child to select appropriate activities).


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For Children and Teens with sensory needs: Kid-friendly sensory strategy picture cards empower kids to take charge of their sensory needs! BrainWorks picture cards can be used with one of several different templates to create a unique sensory diet tool for each child, depending on age, setting (home or school), ability level, and type of sensory modulation disorder present. Arrow icons located on each picture card help a child to select activities appropriate for their sensory needs. For example, if a child needs to calm down his nervous system before going to math class, he knows to select an activity that has a red down arrow—this arrow indicates that the activity will slow him down or calm down his nervous system. JOIN NOW!

For Parents and Teachers: Summary Pages and so much more empower parents and teachers to quickly understand children’s sensory needs and help them get the most out of their sensational brain! BrainWorks also provides sensory symptom checklists to help you determine what type of sensory diet your child will need. JOIN NOW!

For Professionals: BrainWorks saves valuable time and energy in the frequent creation of sensory diets for children and teens. BrainWorks eliminates the confusion over which activities are calming and which are alerting and puts it all into a nice, user-friendly tool that empowers the child to own his/her sensory diet. No more handwritten sensory diets that are only usable by the parent or teacher! BrainWorks is designed for the child! JOIN NOW!

Here are some of the tools you can create with the BrainWorks Picture Cards (don’t worry—step-by-step instructions are available!):

Keyring Tool

First-Then Tool

File Folder Tool






Additionally, you can print premade sensory diet “Strategy Summary Forms” and “Feed the Senses Forms” designed to be given to teachers and parents as an overview of the child’s sensory diet needs.

For example, this is the “Strategy Summary” form for Sensory Seekers:

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